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Web Specialist, Omni-channel "evangelist" and all around good guy...

...on the Web, Mobile, Social, or even VR. I am full stack, so what do you need help with?

Achieving goals with digital first stories and online engagement

I am a passionate, driven and talented web developer. My first site dates back to 1995! Since then, my labor has empowered others to accomplish goals such as increasing sales, furthering reach or winning hearts and minds. I have been blessed to work with many talented web specialists along the way.

Created independently


Sites refreshed - colaboration

Before and After: Climate Change for COP 21

The Climate change site needed to be updated quickly, as Prime Minister Trudeau was headed to Paris for Cop 21. A big team effort was launched to migrate to WET 4 and a full page refresh. I did not know if the framework would be in place on time so I was coding it as a hybrid to work in both WET 3 and WET 4. Anyways, I like how it came out. Working with WET was a real treat, very much like bootstrap, almost exactly.

ECCC page before
ECCC page after

Before and After: Halogen Software

Revamping the site's look and feel while emphasizing their resource section to show thought leadership. Made for a fun project.

Halogen-start looks
Halogen-finish looks

Skills and Experience


The last few years have been mostly government contracting in Web renewal. I specialize in WCAG 2.0 accessibility, with a firm footing in web publishing. I was shifted to focus on UI/UX layout design for interchangeability. Then I focused mostly on climate change from a front end developer role primarily. I took meetings as a technical advisor on architecture, web coding and accessibility. I also facilitated training on Adobe Experience Manager as well as writing technical docs. I worked with AEM, boxer, typos 3 on several government domains


I have worked with some big names... and some smaller ones. A few like Halogen, really taught me a lot about custom php frameworks. At Dell I worked mostly with end users to ensure a quick resolution to technical issues.

Small business / Personal

I work primarily in the (Lamp/Wamp) environment of Windows/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. My main languages are HTML/HTML 5.0, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I believe in clean pixel perfect design and development. I am a bit of a hybrid as I can strattle the line between developer and designer. I am great in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and have experience with the bulk of the Adobe products. My work flow is normally started by fleshing out wire-frames and pulling together PSD layouts.

The list goes on but its late, so if you're not seeing something just ask. Chances are I have work samples including it somewhere. And yes I do wordpress / joomla / magento / wix / Drupal sites too.

A few other sites I have worked on

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$350 /project †
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$750 /project †
  • 3-5 pages
  • Built to show credibility

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